Transmission Electronics

The Co-Pilot is available in two different options, Pressure or Pressure and Forced Lock-up. Todays transmissions are controlled by the TCM, in every case the TCM only commands just enough line pressure to keep the clutch packs from slipping at factory power levels. In situations where the clutch packs need more clamping force such as heavy towing, increased power or better durability the line pressure should be increased over stock. The Co-Pilot Pressure box directly ties the transmission line pressure into the torque rise of the engine increasing the line pressure well over stock providing as much as twice the torque capacity.

When the Forced Lock-Up Co-Pilot is added to the transmission you get all of the pressure advantages along with having the ability to (force) lock-up on when the engine is producing the power to support the load. This is a huge drivability advantage and massive increased power transfer to the wheels! The smart logic of the Co-Pilot senses TPS and Boost to determine when the TCC should be applied to provide the ultimate in performance, drive-ability and towing. The TCC apply can be adjusted on the fly with the simple touch of a button.

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