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Mission Statement

Our mission at ATS Diesel Performance, is to innovate, and manufacture the world's best diesel truck performance products. Our goal is to create products with superior craftsmanship and continue developing our products. We strive to give our customers good quality, innovative products, and excellent customer service. Like our founder, Clint Cannon, we strive to provide our customers with top performing products that are most importantly, reliable.

Our Story

Clint Cannon founded Automotive Transmission Specialists in 1993, where they focused on transmission repair for all vehicle types. In 1997, Cannon founded Performance Torque Converters, in which they rebuilt torque converters in house. This gave ATS more capability in servicing our racing customers. As diesel trucks became more popular and awareness of the ability to upgrade came to light, more problems emerged.

This caused Clint to start to research and develop a way to make a better torque converter to address transmission issues. This led to the discovery that a clutch pack design would be the answer to a better torque converter. This led us to develop our dual-patented TripleLok® Torque Converter. Which then lead to the change of our main focus and our renaming to ATS Diesel Performance.

ATS Diesel Performance is rapidly expanding our stock of high performance transmissions, valve bodies and torque converters. We also offer high performance upgrades for Cummins, Powerstroke, and Duramax powered diesel trucks. ATS upgrades and drive train components are now equipped in trucks around the United States, as well as a few other countries, all of which have outstanding results. We have over 900+ performance products and are always focused on making them better and better. We never stop developing and testing new parts to make sure that we offer the top performing diesel parts on the market. Clint has said that we may not be the first ones on the market, but we work hard to be the best on the market.

In our 110,00 square foot facility, we manufacture our parts with our state-of-the-art equipment. But that is not all that goes on in our facility, we also design, engineer, and test our products in house. Obviously, this would not be complete without our in house installation and servicing. ATS works hard to be quick about the job, while still providing amazing service and top of the line performance parts.

We serve everyone we can, from full-time RV users to high horsepower competition based vehicles, as well as every day work trucks. ATS Diesel Performance is the premier manufacturer and installer of the world's best performance diesel parts.

World's Best Performance Diesel Parts (VIDEO)

Have questions about our parts and services?

Well, we are here to help. If you are looking for top performing transmissions for your truck or Jeep look no further, we have got many different products that will help you get that perfect upgrade you are looking for. Our goal is to give you an experience like no other, with our top performing performance parts, ones that grant your truck or Jeep greater power and are super reliable. We work really hard to make sure our performance parts are powerful, reliable, and safe. These are our top goals when designing, engineering, and testing our products. No job is too small, and nothing is more important to us than retuning your vehicle in tip-top condition, with better results than you were expecting.

Overview of the ATS 42RLE Transmission - Jeep JK JKU Wrangler 07-11

We at ATS Diesel work hard to make sure that the experience you have in our shop is the best.

We also work hard to make sure you know what we are doing to upgrade your vehicle and that we have the best in mind for your truck. If you ever have a question about what our technicians are doing to your vehicle just ask, they are the experts taking care of your truck and they know what they are doing.

Our Shop

Located in Arvada, we have a top of the line shop that is always busy and always running. Here we service and install our performance parts. We also manufacture all of our products in house, as well as design, engineer, and test in house. We have state-of-the-art machines, and amazing technicians who work hard to make sure our performance products are the best. Our most recent project was the Allison Conversion kit, taking your 68RFE to the Allison. We here at ATS have been working really hard to make this work properly and make sure that our customers get the best of the best. Clint has made a series of videos on our YouTube channel explaining exactly what we had to do to get it working and what we have to do to replace a 68RFE.

More about the ATS Allison Conversion Watch (VIDEO)

Close to 3 Decades of Transmission Diesel Performance Experience

We have been working for 28 years, in the Diesel Performance world and we will continue doing so for the foreseeable future and will continue to innovate our products to make them better and better. Like our TripleLok® Torque Converter which has three clutches, and square tab construction. The clutches amplify the amount of torque that the torque converter can handle by three to five times. The square tab construction means that our torque converter allows for no vibration or movement, and that gets rid of the wearing that comes with the round tab construction. In other words, no slipping, no wear, no movement, no vibration, and an improvement in torque. Both our TripleLok® and the Five Star Torque Converters can handle over 1700 foot-pounds of torque with factory line pressures. This article from dieselworldmag.com by Jason Sands goes into great detail about our 4R package, https://www.dieselworldmag.com/diesel-technology/ats-diesels-innovative-new-4r-package/. Which points out the issue with the 68FRE is that it failed sooner than they wanted and they went through roughly 4-6 transmissions too quickly. SO that inspired Clint to design the 4R package to give them a highly durable transmission to match their engine.

“ATS Diesel is a manufacturer of light-duty diesel components for Ford,* Dodge* and GM.* We manufacture heavy-duty torque converters, transmission packages, turbochargers, a lot of castings and a lot of small parts to make your diesel perform better.” -Clint Cannon

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