Torque Converters

Factory torque converters can fail when they have high mileage, greater than stock power or are used for frequent towing and heavy load hauling. OEM torque converters are typically made with stamped metal components and the stall speeds are not matched to the motor's torque curves. ATS TripleLok® and Five-Star® torque converters completely eliminate these weaknesses. They feature our patented square tab clutch design, for reliability during lock-up. They use ATS' proprietary clutch material, CNC cut steels, re-designed stators, Torrington bearings and stall speeds matched to the Cummins, Duramax and Powerstroke motors.

The TripleLok® and Five-Star® torque converters are designed to hold increased torque while efficiently transferring the engine torque to the transmission. The result is more power for hauling, towing or daily driving, lower transmission operating temperatures and greater overall performance. Custom stall speeds are available for racing/sled-pulling applications and ATS TripleLok converters come with a 5 year / 500,000 mile warranty, even for competition use.

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