ATS Swap Allison Conversion Kits

ATS Diesel has engineered the first fully integrated Allison transmission swap for Cummins powered vehicles. Backed by our proprietary TRANSLator® technology and our exclusive, patent-pending Allison to Cummins Bellhousing, the ATS Diesel Allison Swap offers complete factory functionality from your late model Ram; from push button start to tow/haul mode, electronic range select and electronic transfer case functionality.

Our revolutionary new TRANSLator can-bridge module allows the Allison TCM to communicate with the Ram ECM and offers a seamless integration of all factory options on the truck with a nearly plug-and-play installation. Our exclusive, patent-pending Allison to Cummins Bellhousing allows a perfect factory match between the Allison and the Cummins with no additional fabrication required. The all-new ATS Diesel Allison Conversion Kit includes all necessary hardware and software to install an Allison LCT1000 behind your Cummins.

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