Transmission Upgrade Components

ATS Diesel Performance continues to expand rapidly, offering cutting edge transmission and engine upgrades for Cummins®, Powerstroke®, and Duramax® diesel trucks. With such rapid expansion, ATS grew into a massive facility that now contains over 10 departments including a full machine shop, pattern shop, fabrication shop, electronics department, transmission manufacturing, turbo manufacturing, engineering, powder coating, and several other manufacturing and assembly departments to better serve our customers. ATS upgrades can be found in trucks worldwide, including some of the fastest diesel drag racers and the strongest diesel sled pullers.

Whether your truck is a high-powered competition machine, a high mileage truck that needs improved fuel economy, a work vehicle that has to be durable, a truck you need to rely on for towing or simply a daily driver, ATS has the technology and products to fit your needs.

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