ATS Benchtop Turbo Calibration Tool

The ATS Benchtop Turbo Calibration Tool is an all in one turbo diagnostic and programming tool that can zero, initialize and calibrate any turbocharger actuator on the market via downloadable software and turbocharger harness adapters. If we do not currently have the software to calibrate a specific type of turbo send us a functional actuator and we will write the software at no charge and send it to you with the proper harness adapter.

The Benchtop calibration tool can be used for both 12 volt and 24 volt turbochargers with the flip of a switch. All calibration machines use high quality 16 gauge steel enclosures that are powder coated for longevity, feature solid state electronics with large cooling fans so it can run all day reliably and utilize Honeywell locking toggle switches that are water and dust resistant. These machines are very easy to use and quickly diagnose problem actuators, bit failures or failed boards within an actuator.

The Benchtop also makes it incredibly easy to accurately zero, initialize and calibrate a brand new actuator and will give you an extremely accurate sweep to your turbocharger for the most effective spool up and exhaust braking.

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