· ATS Custom DynoLab Tuning with EZ Lynk Autoagent

Maximize your vehicle's potential with cloud-based tuning via the EZ LYNK AutoAgent. Complete control is at your fingertips through the AutoAgent mobile app available for Android and iOS. AutoAgent 2 is included.

· Emissions ON Tuning

ATS Custom tuning is the combination of over ten years of tuning knowledge combined with the advanced technology of today's Diesel engine management systems. Our advanced calibration tuning has been developed over a period of time using our emissions equipment to ensure the engine produces the maximum power while maintaining the optimal air to fuel ratio to produce reliable clean power. Maintaining the optimal air to fuel ratio at all times ensures the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) stays clean to allow for maximum exhaust flow. ATS Custom tuning continues to be updated and refined much the same as updates to your cell phone are updated. All ATS tunes are delivered via the EZ Lynk platform, when new updates are available for your vehicle they are automatically updated on your EZ Lynk device ensuring your vehicle is always up to date. You will receive FREE updates as long as you own your vehicle, any time you upgrade any of your hard parts such as Turbo Charger(s), Twin Fueler, Injection Pump, Intercooler, etc. you will receive a FREE software calibration that is specifically designed for the application.

· Build big power and reliability

A step-by-step guide to building big power and reliability on today's clean diesel platforms: Building emissions on power for your 2008 and newer diesel truck is as simple as 1-2-3. There are 3 basic steps to building power:

    ‣ Tuning.
    ‣ Fuel.
    ‣ Turbocharger.

Of course, each step taken to upgrade performance will affect other aspects of your engine and/or drivetrain, which means you must adjust accordingly to maximize the efficiency and reliability of your upgrades.