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ATS 68RFE Billet Channel Plate Valve Body Assembly with Solenoid Pack (with gray electrical connector)
Fitment: 2012-2018 Ram 6.7L Cummins

The ATS 68-RFE valve body is the brain of the transmission and is responsible for porting all of the hydraulic pressure to the clutch packs of the transmission. There is nothing more important than having a properly calibrated valve body in your transmission. It does not matter if you have your original factory stock transmission, a basic aftermarket transmission or an ATS transmission, you MUST have a valve body assembly that is designed to properly channel oil pressure to the correct clutch packs at all times. The stock 68-RFE valve body is only designed to send 160 PSI of oil pressure to the cutch packs of the transmission. 160 PSI hydraulic pressure does not create enough hydraulic clamping force to reliably handle the power and torque that the 6.7L Cummins engine produces. This is why the Cummins engine is “de-rated” during shifts and why the engine power is slightly backed down in extreme situations such as heavy towing. The ATS valve body corrects all of these concerns by allowing for up to 300 PSI hydraulic line pressure to be delivered to all of the clutch packs of the 68-RFE transmission when needed. Many modifications need to be done and many new billet parts must be made to properly redesign the 68-RFE valve body. The 68-RFE valve body is made up of these basic parts, Main valve body, channel plate, separator plate, valves, accumulator pistons and solenoids. We have completely redesigned the 68-RFE valve body to prevent hydraulic cross leaks and given it the ability to handle over 300 PSI linen pressure without pressure loss or cross leaks. After the ATS valve body is fully machined, assembled with all of our exclusive ported billet channel plate, Aluminum accumulator pistons, high tinsel strength bolts, high pressure Viton accumulator seals, X-Member accumulator stiffener plate, thick separator plate with high pressure gaskets, Steel center-less ground over sized valves the entire valve body assembly is hydraulically tested at over 400 PSI to guaranty the integrity of the hydraulic passages. The valve body is then tested on our Hydro-Test valve body tester to be 100% sure that every port, seal, valve, solenoid, channel, piston and gasket have ZERO hydraulic cross leak and seals perfectly so 100% of the hydraulic pressure is delivered to the clutch packs of the transmission. There are less than 5 of these valve body test stations in operation in the US today! ATS is one of the few that has made this kind of investment to ensure that every valve body that is built to go into one of our transmissions or shipped out to one of our customers is blueprinted, tested and ATS certified to be the best. In order for the ATS valve body to take full advantage of the high pressure modifications the signal from the TCM (Transmission Control Module) of the vehicle must be modified. The TCM is programed to only command 160 PSI line pressure. In factory form the stock valve body is only designed to produce and handle 160 PSI hydraulic pressure. When the ATS valve body is installed into your transmission the command from the TCM must be modified so the ATS valve body will go to the increased line pressure of 290 PSI. The stock TCM will only command (ask for) 160 PSI line pressure. If no external modifications are made to tell the valve body to command the increased line pressure then the modified valve body will only supply the factory 160 PSI line pressure to the clutch packs, this is not a bad thing and everything will function normally but your transmission will not have the advantage of the increased line pressure. This is where the ATS Co-Pilot comes in. The ATS Co-Pilot is a computer module that plugs in between the TCM and the Valve body. The Co-Pilot takes full control over the transmission valve body to command the increased line pressure when needed substantially increasing the line pressure to the transmission. The ATS Co-Pilot is 100% plug and play so there are no wires to cut, easy to install and it works with any factory or after market TCM and/or ECM calibrations! Adding the Co-Pilot to the ATS Valve is highly recommended and an incredible value.

  • Billet Channel plate ensure no hydraulic cross leaking with exclusive clutch pack porting
  • Laser Cut triple thick separator plate
  • High pressure Gaskets
  • Billet Accumulators
  • Viton high pressure Accumulator seals
  • X-Member double layer accumulator plate with harden bolts
  • CNC machined and crosshatched accumulator bores
  • Oversized Steel Switch valve
  • Main valve body housing is CNC Machined flat to ensure no hydraulic cross leaking
  • Assembled and torqued to exact ATS specifications
  • This valve body is calibrated and certified on our Hydro-Test valve body test machine (There are less than 5 of these machined in the US)

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