Brad Holland Transmission Testimonial - Transmission Overhaul Kit, Basic - 1989-2002 Dodge 618, 47RH, 47RE

Brad Holland: ATS Built Performance Transmission

I put 100 miles on the trans yesterday between Ensenada and Puerto Santo Tomas (both ways to the coast). I'm very familiar with most of it and my initial feedback is - AWESOME job!

I am still running a mild tune 400/800 HP-ish and the response is there and it holds everything I throw at it. I can light up all four and start wiggling down the road in 3rd gear... and the TC holds enough after I back out of it, that I can engine brake into the corners and drag the rear a little, that's new.

I'm going to get some more miles on it, bump the power to 500/1000 range and try it with more juice. I don't know what to say about the rear tires, except, we're going to need a phat sponsor soon, I ate the remains of a toyo project in an afternoon.

I like how it's working, the motor works up higher, which I didn't expect... most of the towing setup built trans' seem to shift early and lock up early and ride the torque band, whereas I am motoring in the mid 2's with what feels like a 'direct connection' with the power. I can drift 8,000 lbs at 75+ at mid throttle.