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Increase the flow of the CP3 pump on your common rail diesel

Feed the demand of your injectors by being able to supply more fuel
The CP3 Injection pump is found on Cummins and Duramax Common Rail diesels, and is the fuel pump that pressurizes the fuel, over 25,000 PSI. Under the high demand of fuel in some high horsepower tunes, stock pump simply cannot keep up with the commanded volume or pressure. When this happens, you get a condition refered to as "draining the rail". What this means is that your injectors have let out more fuel that the CP3 pump can produce at a given time.
With the replacement of the stock CP3 with an ATS Modified pump, you are able to keep up with that commanded fuel, so you can get the amount of power that the tune is commanding.
  • Hold commanded fuel rail pressure
  • Increase the life of your high pressure injection pump
  • Better throttle response
  • Higher power levels can be achieved
  • Modified internals

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