Dodge2nd Gen 24 ValveFuel Injectors

Stoke the fire with a set of ATS fuel injectors

Injectors become a necessary upgrade to allow more fuel into the cylinder under high horsepower conditions
The factory fuel injectors can only support a certain amount of horsepower before they simply become a "road block". We hone out all of our injectors to allow for them to flow much higher rates of fuel. The reconfiguration of the nozzles also improves the spray pattern so we put the fuel in a more optimum position. Along with this, fuel atomization is improved to allow for a more violent explosion in the cylinder, which will result in more power and better efficiency. One other benefit of having bigger injectors is the truck can have larger amounts of fuel injected at a faster rate, so injector pulsewidth can be reduced.
  • Different stages of injectors so service different power levels
  • Honed nozzles allow for better spray patters, more fuel, and better atomization
  • Almost impossible to detect that a truck has different injector nozzles

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