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High flow exhaust manifolds reduce the back-pressure and help drive your turbo

Get rid of the restrictive and weak stock manifold(s) for the Big Foot high-flowing system
The single most restrictive point in the exhaust system is the first section that it hits, the exhaust manifold(s). We increase the internal diameter 30% in critical areas to allow for decreased back-pressure and allow those gases to drive the turbo.
Not only did we increase flow, be we also made the made them out of High Silica Moly, a metal alloy that is vastly stronger than the stock cast manifolds. Those areas that are prone to cracking and no longer a problem.
  • 30% larger internal diameter in critical areas
  • Constructed out of High Silica Moly for strength and promote thermal energy transfer
  • Compatible with stock and aftermarket turbos
  • Ceramic coated for reduced under hood temperatures and a lasting finish

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