Creating more power with clean diesel technology

Build big power and reliability

A step-by-step guide to building big power and reliability on today's clean diesel platforms

Building emissions on power for your 2008 and newer diesel truck is as simple as 1-2-3. There are 3 basic steps to building power: 1) Tuning. 2) Fuel. 3) Turbocharging. Of course, each step taken to upgrade performance will affect other aspects of your engine and/or drivetrain, which means you must adjust accordingly to maximize the efficiency and reliability of your upgrades.

Diesel Triangle Diesel Timeline

STEP 1: Tuning

Tuning is essential when the desired result is greater power and increased fuel efficiency. Simply tuning the ECU can provide power gains in the order of 50bhp or more without sacrificing reliability. In fact, most remapped diesel engines boast better fuel economy if driven the same, but the temptation is to put your foot down and enjoy the power. Our custom tunes are designed to work with ATS hard parts to maximize the performance benefits associated with them.

EZ Lynk

STEP 2: Fuel

Although fuel pressure upgrades can be addressed at any time during the upgrade process, it is strongly recommended to add the ATS Twin Fueler fuel system as step #2.

Twin Fueler

STEP 3: Turbo

There is a common misconception regarding horsepower/torque numbers when deciding what performance upgrades to purchase for your diesel truck. Horsepower numbers are often depicted as inflated "peak hp" as opposed to sustainable power. "Peak" horsepower is the result of tuning the truck so that the maximum power will be delivered while making a pass on the dynometer. After 2-3 dyno runs, the truck must be run in regen mode, the DPF and exhaust system is clogged and dirty. Sustainable power is the actual power that you can expect your truck to produce and maintain. While dependably operating your truck day-in and day-out. Sustainable power is the number you want to look for when deciding how to upgrade your truck.

Twin Fueler

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