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SKU: 310-010-2392
ATS Thermal Bypass Valve Upgrade
Fitment: 2013-2018 Ram 6.7L Cummins with 68RFE or Aisin AS69RC Transmissions

This is a must for any truck that has a 68-RFE or Aisin AS69RC transmission in it. Dodge decided to incorporate a transmission cooler by pass valve into the cooling system of the 68-RFE and Aisin AS69RC that bypasses the transmission cooler during cold operation.

The intent is to force the transmission to warm up faster, the reality is this bypass valve leaks and sticks in the bypass position in almost every case causing the transmission cooler flow to bypass the trans cooler essentially eliminating the trans cooler from the circuit. This causes a severe damage to the transmission over time.

The ATS cooler block replaces the faulty design eliminating the bypass valve and ensures 100 percent of the trans cooler flow is forced through the trans cooler. In every case this substantially reduces transmission temperatures.

  • ATS Thermal Bypass
  • 2 Quick Release Cooler Line Fittings (depending on year yours may or may not need these fittings)

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8/15/2022 8:25 am

Trans shifts AWESOME now!

by Jerry/Betty Sutherland -

2012 Ram Megacab totally stock. 109k miles. Started overheating the trans on his way from So Calif to Boise.
Got up to 220 degrees at one point.
So after installing the ATS Valve body it shift awesome. Had a little bit of high line pressure but we didn’t see that again after we did the thermal bypass delete on it.
I’m still in disbelief on all the crap I found on this truck. Especially since I had it in my head that the pre 2013 trucks don’t have Thermal Bypass valves on them.
Took the truck for a good test drive up a couple good climbs and never got over 185 degrees now.
I still am annoyed at Chrysler for putting a heat exchanger back onto the side of the block. Going to do a bypass on that next time he comes up for service.
And the fact that they are using The top third of the AC condenser for a trans cooler on this truck just amazes me. There is plenty of room in front of the radiator for a cooler, all we need to do is move the horns and modify the lines a bit.
This over heating problem was absolutely from the TBV that I didn’t even know it had. Oh and the trans shifts AWESOME now.