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ATS 47RE Package Stage Comparison

Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6
Horsepower Rating4005006007008001000
ATS 47RE Transmission
5-Star Torque Converter
Deep Pan Trans Pan
Billet Input Shaft
Co-Pilot® Controller
Billet Flex Plate
Billet Intermediate Shaft
Billet Output Shaft

$4,643.63 to $8,708.70
SKU: 306-2
$4,643.63 to $8,708.70
Fitment: 2003-2007 5.9L Common Rail Cummins

ATS 48RE Transmission Upgrades Features:

  • New Performance Forward Clutch Pack and Steels With 1 Added Friction
  • New Performance Direct Clutch Pack and Steels With 1 Added Friction
  • New Performance Overdrive Brake Clutch Pack and Steels With 1 Added Friction
  • New Performance Overdrive Clutch Pack and Steels
  • Low/Reverse Band Replaced With Borg Warner Red Lining Performance Band
  • Intermediate/2nd Gear Band Replaced With Borg Warner Red Lining Performance Band
  • 4:2 Band Apply Lever
  • Billet Band Strut
  • Billet Accumulator Piston
  • Precision Machined Forward Pressure Plate (Machined Step)
  • Precision Machined Lower Forward Pressure Plate (Machined Flat)
  • Precision Machined Overdrive Brake Pressure Plate (Machined Flat)
  • New Direct Pressure Plate
  • Performance Low/Reverse One-Way Clutch
  • Machined TV Valve Sleeve (Prevents Sticking TV Valve)
  • Ability to Achieve 1st and 2nd Gear Lockup
  • Ability to Circulate Fluid to the Torque Converter in Park/Reverse/Neutral
  • Increase Line Pressure
  • Improve Shift Quality and Firmness
  • Gasket and Seal Overhaul Kit
  • Bearings and Bushing

ATS Five Star Torque Converter
(included in all ATS 48RE packages)

The ATS Five Star utilizes an optimized factory stall speed that features improved torque multiplication. With factory torque multiplication at approximately 1.25:1, the ATS Five Star boasts 2.4:1. This occurs when peak engine torque is achieved. Increased torque multiplication results in improved vehicle response, towing and driving ability.

  • Patented Viskus Clutch Drive System for Increased Efficiency
  • Billet Cover With Patented Square Flank Drive
  • Square Tab Construction (Not Round)
  • Viskus Disc CNC Laser Cut Clutch Plates
  • Billet Piston With Patented Flank Drive Tab Design
  • Proprietary ATS Exclusive Clutch Formulation With Unique Bonding Technology (Ensures 100% Chemical Bond)
  • Redesigned Spring Dampener Supports Increased Torque Loads
  • 4340 Hardened Turbine Splines Provide Longevity and Reliability
  • Fully Welded Turbine and Impeller Vanes
  • CNC Stator With High Flow Windows Increase Oil Flow, Providing Increased Efficiency
  • Full Roller Bearing Construction Between High Load Areas
  • 4340 CNC Cut Pump Drive Hub Locked Into Impeller Housing
  • Plasma Welded for Unsurpassed Strength

ATS DeepPan Transmission Pan
(included in all 48RE packages)

  • Pre-Tapped for Sensor
  • 5 Extra Quarts of Fluid Over Stock
  • Magnetic 1” Drain Plug

Billet Input Shaft Upgrade
(included in stage 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 48RE packages)

One of the weakest points of this transmission is the stock input shaft. At increased power levels, towing weight or in performance applications, the stock input shaft can break or twist. When this occurs, the transmission will lose movement and can damage the converter, pump and transmission. ATS recommends using a billet input with increased power and/or towing capacity/frequency.

The theory behind a billet shaft is to increase the strength of the material and flex to absorb torsional loads. This allows it to reliably hold increase power levels. The billet input shaft is designed to increase the reliability of the transmission, withstand greater than stock power and torque converter lock-up in sooner-than-factory settings.

While billet shafts are not indestructible, billet 300M material, coupled with stringent design and testing make them far superior to stock input shafts.

  • Unsurpassed Reliability
  • Able to Handle High Power Applications
  • Great for Towing
  • Increases Torque Capacity
  • Good Way to Help Ensure Your Transmission Does Not Break

ATS Co-Pilot Transmission Controller
(included in stage 3, 4, 5, and 6 48RE packages)

The ATS Co-Pilot transmission controller is recommended for use with light duty pickup trucks with a heavy-duty aftermarket transmission and torque converter package are installed on the vehicle.

  • Controls Transmission Tcc and Exhaust Brake Based on Map, Vehicle Speed, and Throttle Position
  • Allows Increased Transmission Line Pressure to Be Fully Used
  • User Is Able to Set Torque Converter Lockup and Transmission Line Pressure at Desired Aggressiveness

ATS Billet Flexplate
(Included in Stage 4, 5, and 6 48RE Packages)

  • Fits Stock and Aftermarket Converters
  • Solves Common Flexplate Breakage Issues
  • Meets SFI Standards
  • Strong, Durable and Reliable

Billet Intermediate Shaft
(included in stage 5 and 6 48RE packages)

The ATS Billet intermediate shaft is part of the back bone of your Dodge Cummins transmission. It is the first hard part to bring power into the transmission and transmit that power to the wheels. With no dampening or power loss other than the torque converter, the shafts in your transmission have a lot to handle. Now add power, weight from a trailer, bigger tires (and is some cases all these things together) and you will be well beyond what that factory shaft was designed for.

ATS Billet Output Shaft
(included in stage 6 48RE packages)

The ATS 48RE Billet Output Shaft is a two piece output shaft that includes the transmission output shaft as well as the transfer case head gear which each contain a press fitted, keyed, collar which significantly increases the locking force between the two shafts while increasing the durability of each shaft individually. Made out of billet steel right here at ATS Diesel Performance!

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