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Dodge / 2nd Gen 12 Valve / Transmission Rebuild Kits

ATS rebuild kids for your Dodge transmission include the parts we put into our transmission packages! The rebuild kit includes clutches, pressure plates, filter, bearings and other hard part modifications.

The kits can be combined with ATS? valve bodies, billet shafts, modified pump and torque converters to build the ultimate setup. Contact ATS to learn more about the products available for your 1994-2007 Dodge 47/48RE transmission.
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Serving truck enthusiasts for nearly two decades, ATS invents, designs, manufactures, and sells the world's most innovative diesel truck performance products - over 600 products for one-stop shopping. Whether you need power and efficiency for towing, off-road, recreation, or racing, ATS Diesel Performance can meet your needs, quickly and at a reasonable cost.

ATS has products for GM Duramax, Dodge Cummins, and Ford Powerstroke diesel trucks, as well as Jeep and Dodge HEMI.

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