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Dodge / 4th Gen 6.7CR / Transmission Packages

Dodge stepped up its game in 2007 with the introduction of the 68RFE automatic. Geared for quick acceleration and fuel efficiency, the six speed automatic delivered what Dodge owners wanted. That is until you modified your 6.7L or got higher mileage.

ATS addressed the flaws in the 68RFE design by bulletproofing the clutch packs, safely adding and controlling line pressure, reinforcing the weak factory case and by offering a billet flex plate and input shaft. All ATS 68RFE transmissions come with the upgraded Overdrive and Underdrive clutch hubs, upgraded compound planetary assembly, and ATS case brace!

For any budget, power level or use, ATS 68RFE Transmission Packages have you covered!

2007.5+ 68RFE

no TCM Tuning or CoPilot
with TCM Tuning*
with CoPilot TOW Edition
Stage 1 350HP -- --
5 Star Torque Converter
Deep Pan
$6,175.00 N/A N/A
2007.5+ 2wd Part 3099122326
2007.5+ 4wd Part 3099142326
Stage 2 500HP 700HP 700HP
5 Star Torque Converter
Deep Pan
ATS Billet Flex Plate
$6,602.50 $6,602.50 $7,357.75
2007.5+ 2wd Part 3098222326 3098232326 3098252326
2007.5+ 4wd Part 3098242326 3098262326 3098272326
Stage 3 550HP 800HP 800HP
5 Star Torque Converter
Deep Pan
ATS Billet Flex Plate
ATS Billet Input Shaft
$7,362.50 $7,362.50 $8,117.75
2010+ 2wd Part 3098322326 3098332326 3098352326
2010+ 4wd Part 3098342326 3098362326 3098372326

*TCM Tuning must be approved by ATS Diesel
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ATS has products for GM Duramax, Dodge Cummins, and Ford Powerstroke diesel trucks, as well as Jeep and Dodge HEMI.

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