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Build your valvebody up the right way

The valve body would be considered the brains of the operation, so we simply raise the IQ
The valve body is the what controls your transmission, so we ensure that it can do its job well, fast, and smart. We add a proven application of proprietary valvebody components that allow it to run in a high performance situation. We have tweaked our parts until they were perfect, and offer the best of the best in our valvebody, anywhere from towing to full race applications.

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Performance Valve Body Assembly - 2002+ Dodge 545RFE

Performance Valve Body Assembly - 2002+ Dodge 545RFE
* Core and Crate charges are charged IN ADDITION TO PRODUCT PRICES, and are refundable when USABLE core product and crate are returned to ATS Diesel. All core charges are refunded by check, mailed to the billing address on file.
ATS Diesel Performance ("ATS") sells replacement parts designed to improve a diesel engine's efficiency and reliability. Some states, specifically California, have strict regulations applicable to parts that you may legally use on your diesel truck. Be sure to review applicable municipal, state, and federal rules before you purchase and install an ATS product to make sure you are in compliance.
ATS also designs and manufactures certain parts for off-road and race use only. These parts are not intended for sale in any state, including California, where the items do not comply with local rules.