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4 Wheel And Off Road

8 Lug

Installing An Aurora 3000 Turbo 7.3L
Dan Adams Cover Quest Winner
Big Purple Tranny
Cover Quest - Dan Adams
Tuning For Towing
Cummins Powered Ford
Bullet Proof Trans 1
Bullet Proof Trans 2

Diesel Builder

Extreme Diesel Showdown
Diesel On The Rocks
Desert Racing Diesels

Diesel Power

Mike Geiger 2006 Ram Aurora Plus
Snowplow-Proof Transmission
Diesels On The Mountain 2009
Constantly Evolving
Diesels On The Mtn.
Building It Right
Dixieland Duramax
766HP Sleeper
Great White II
Alligator Diesel - '07 Ram
FASS '06 Road Race Dodge
'08 DP Challenge Competitors
Dennis Adams - '06 Ram
Shark Attack
Jimmy Smith Cover
Pull Toy
DP Challenge 07 East
DP Challenge Truck 07 West
Sand and Smoke

Diesel World

Great White Ford
Stand Alone Controller
Diesels On The Mountain 2010
Diesels On The Mountain 2009
Hunt For Grunt
Duramax Convert
Stars & Stripes
Feeding The Compounds
Stoking The Fire
New School
Twice As Nice
One Step Beyond
Rockstar Ram
Inferno - Five-R
Diesels On Mtn. - Truckfest '08
Not So Basic - Custom Auto
Street Sweeper
DragginPullin Duramax
Death Of A Turbo
Beat High Fuel Prices
$5K 12 Valve Question
Saving Allison w/ ATS
Rocky Mountain Built
Death Star
Danger Ranger
Open Road Racing Ram
Top Fuel Diesel
Record Setting Ram
Resurrected Ram
Franken Chevy Part IV
Truckfest 2007
Born On The Bayou
Testing At Redline Diesel
Keeping Your Cool
DHRA @ Indy 2007
Don't Get Screwed
Big Sky Truck Fest
5150 Ram
Extreme Diesel Showdown
Franken Chevy Part III
632 Horsepower
Franken Chevy Part I
Repowering The 6500
Back To Basics
Cummins Dragster
* Core and Crate charges are charged IN ADDITION TO PRODUCT PRICES, and are refundable when USABLE core product and crate are returned to ATS Diesel. All core charges are refunded by check, mailed to the billing address on file.
ATS Diesel Performance ("ATS") sells replacement parts designed to improve a diesel engine's efficiency and reliability. Some states, specifically California, have strict regulations applicable to parts that you may legally use on your diesel truck. Be sure to review applicable municipal, state, and federal rules before you purchase and install an ATS product to make sure you are in compliance.
ATS also designs and manufactures certain parts for off-road and race use only. These parts are not intended for sale in any state, including California, where the items do not comply with local rules.