2005 United States World Strongman Cup

July 2, 2005
11am @
ATS Diesel Performance Headquarters
5293 Ward Road
Arvada, Colorado

World Strongman Cup is an international federation organizing Strongman events on national level, European Championships, the World-Strongmancup and world record attempts. Events feature various highlights with the athletes performing disciplines that challenge their strength, endurance, skills and - most of all - their unconditional will to succeed. Before the eyes of thousands of fans, the athletes move enormous weights and deliver sensational performances.

This will be an all-day event and will be covered and aired by ESPN!


1- Log clean and press for max reps, 308lbs/140kgs. Single event 90 seconds

2- Conans wheel with 795lbs/361kgs Single event. One put down in the box only.

3- Farmers [1.5" handles] 265lbs/120kgs 30 meters and Drag 765lbs/347.7kgs train wheel 30 meters x 2 athletes

4- 500lbs/227kgs duck walk 10 meters then 2-16" powerstairs duck walk 7 meters [length of trailer deck], two more stairs to top deck. Single event

5- Fire Truck rope and harness, weight will be announced shortly.

6- Traditional Tire flip. 727lbs./330kgs. Max flips. x 2 athletes 90 second time limit.

European Athletes:
Raivis Vidzis / Latvia
Tarmo Mitt / Estonia
Antanas Abrutis / Lituenia
Ralf Ber / Austria
Franz Beil / Germany
Glenn Ross / Ireland

North American Athletes:
Chad Coy/ USA
Jim Glassman/ USA
John Beatty/ USA
Al Block/ Canada
Ed Brost/ Canada
Canadian athlete to be announced.
Alternate Scott Cummine/ Canada

For more information about the World Strongman Organization, visit their official website at http://www.world-strongmancup.at/english/home.htm

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